Omnimo (for Rainmeter) 4.1

Make your computer look like Windows 8


  • Very similar to Windows 8
  • Loads of desktop widgets and shortcuts
  • Dozens of configuration options
  • Very easy to install


  • May slow down your system a bit


Omnimo is a Rainmeter theme that gives your system the slick appearance of Windows 8 – the next installment of Microsoft’s operating system.

The Omnimo theme is based on a group of colorful desktop shortcuts and widgets that display all sorts of useful information. They let you access your favorite programs, open the most frequently used system tools, check your unread emails, have a look at the latest headlines in your RSS feeds or see the weather forecast in your city, among other things.

Omnimo is very easy to set up and configure. Simply bear in mind that you need to have Rainmeter installed on your system before using it. Then installing the theme is as easy as double clicking the rmskin file inside the archive. Note that the theme may have a slight impact on your system performance.

There are tons of configuration settings in Omnimo – so many that you may feel overwhelmed at first. Just take it easy, one step at a time, and explore all the possibilities of this beautiful desktop theme. It’s worth it!

With Omnimo for Rainmeter you can easily give your computer the appearance of Windows 8.



Omnimo (for Rainmeter) 4.1

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    by Temeka Haynes

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